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HELP! I'm new to all of this stuff.

First, don't panic! The Web is an easy place to move around and look at a large amount of information easily.

If you don't have a full Internet connection, you are probably using a browser called Lynx to view this. You can move around FortNet by highlighting the category you want to see and either pressing Enter or the right arrow key on some keyboards.

If you are viewing FortNet with Mosaic, Netscape, or some other graphical browser, use your mouse to click on the appropriate category.

If you don't know where the information you're looking for is located, try the Search function.


Many helpful resources are available both from FortNet and from other sites around the Web. Here is a brief list:

General Information about the Internet and World Wide Web
Updating Your Browser
Computer Virus Info

Frequently-Asked Questions About:

FAQs by Newsgroup (USENET)
How to put your organization's information on FortNet
Usenet News Groups
The World Wide Web (WWW)

General Information about the Internet and World Wide Web

NeoSoft's Internet Training Class
Zen and the Art of the Internet

Search Engine Basics

CNET Special Report: Search Engine Shootout Top engines compared
Internet Detective an interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources

Updating Your Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Information about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

General (specifications, tutorials, etc.)
FortNet's HTML Team Home Page
FortNet HTML Templates (for building new documents)
Beginner's Guide to HTML
The HTML 2.0 Specification - In RFC form, rfc1866
The Structure of HTML 3.2 Documents
The HTML 3.2 Draft
HTML Reference Manual - good one that lists the elements
Web Developer's Journal
Project Cool's Developer area - includes low bandwidth design

Computer Virus Information

NIST Publications on Virus Information

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