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    and songs to the beat of the drum
      bring people of all races together
        in unity...

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  23rd Annual Spring Contest Powwow - April 18-19, 2015

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"You can feel
the spirit of the circle everywhere
and it is very positive and welcoming."
--NCIPA Pow-wow participant--

About the Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-wow Association

    The Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-wow Association (NCIPA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created in the summer of 1992 to provide opportunities for the Northern Colorado communities to share and participate in Native American cultures. In addition, NCIPA provides information, social networks and educational support to Native Americans in Northern Colorado. Membership in NCIPA is open to any nationality, race or creed.

    In order to share the diverse Native American cultures with the community, we present an annual contest Pow-wow in the Fort Collins area. Each year we have attracted hundreds of visitors each day, including dancers and singers, many arts and crafts vendors, and spectators.

    In addition to funding from our sponsors, fund raising activities include benefit concerts, food concessions during the two-day event; and sales of posters, t-shirts, programs, and advertising space in our program booklet. Proceeds from the event help provide scholarships for Native American students.

What is a Pow-wow?

A pow-wow is a great intertribal celebration of Native Americans.

It is...

A gathering of the tribes
Come to dance
Ground Blessing
Cultural Sharing
Gourd Dance
Grand Entry
Fry Bread
Indian Tacos
Singer/Drum Groups
Contest Dances
Public is Invited

A way of renewing old friendships and making new ones
All drums are welcome
A way to preserve a rich heritage
A reminder of the old ways
Family reunions
Indian Flags
Indian Time
Indian Food
Fancy Clothes

In a Nutshell

    It is truly an honor to attend a Pow-wow, and the Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-wow is one of the finest. If you're new to attending the Pow-wow, it may seem overwhelming to see two days' events and to decide when to show up. Don't miss the Grand Entry. The Grand Entry is a parade of all the people entering the arena. Flag-bearers (veterans or active service men and women) are followed by elders, head dancers, princesses, and pow-wow organizers. Together, they lead in and male and female dancers of all ages and dance categories. For a spiritual renewal, be sure to attend the Ground Blessing. Of course you will enjoy any or all of the dances and music and food.

How You Can Help

    We need people who are willing to work with our community in sponsoring our special gathering. We need donations in the form of money, food (for Saturday's dinner), copying/printing (flyers, program booklet, posters, t-shirts, caps), door prizes, lodging at local motels/hotels, contest sponsorship, head staff honoraria, sound system, and marketing/publicity of event. We need people who are willing to knock on a few doors or make phone calls, and help obtain any or all of the above. _OR_ if you know of any funding possibilities, please, we need your help.

    As the event date nears, we need people to post flyers/posters around the city. During the pow-wow itself, we need lots of people power! Throughout the event, we need volunteers to help keep our visiting singers supplied with water, help keep the area litter-free, empty trash cans, run errands to the store when supplies become limited, etc. etc. If you are willing to do one or more of these duties, wonderful! As you help throughout the day, you will find that there will be time to enjoy the pow-wow itself.

    NCIPA has established an excellent reputation for being gracious hosts. Help us to continue a special tradition. We appreciate any help you can provide. In the past we've had volunteers from the Boy Scouts, CSU and local High School classes, as well as from many wonderful individuals.

    Thanks to ALL the Volunteers who help us throughout the year, and especially the weekend of our powwow. You are all incredible! Please plan on attending our next powwow which will be held April 18-19, 2015, at the Northside Aztlan Community Center, 112 E. Willow, Fort Collins, CO.

    Email us if you wish more information on our meeting dates and times.

Scholarship Recipients

    Fall 1995 Recipient - Mary Louise LaForge
    Crow Tribe, Crow Agency, Montana
    Piegan Clan, Child of Greasy Mouth Clan
    Sophomore, Colorado State University
    Majoring in Animal Sciences

    Spring 1996 Recipient - Wendy Karen Dean
    Crow Tribe, Montana
    Senior, Colorado State University
    Majoring in Agricultural Extension

    Fall 1996 Recipient - Debi Trujillo
    Ute/Hispanic, Colorado
    Sophomore, Colorado Mountain College
    Majoring in Journalism

    Spring 1997 Recipient - Victoria Stott
    Ho-Chunk, Colorado
    Junior, University of Colorado at Boulder
    Majoring in Political Science

    Fall 2000 Recipient - Ladele Roanhorse
    Navajo, Arizona
    Sophomore, Colorado State University
    Majoring in Animal Science

    Spring 2004 Recipient - Nicole Dawn Rockwell
    Navajo, New Mexico/Colorado
    Freshman, Colorado State University
    Majoring in Life Science

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